Hope everyone is enjoying their 2016 run up to Christmas so far! Whether it's just me, I am a massive fan of the build up over the actual day - any excuse to eat chocolate everyday is good enough for me. Unfortunately the build up to Christmas also means endless deadlines and essay writing for students, so instead of staying cosy in a toasty house with food and films I have relocated to the library. However, despite Christmas coming up, never have the words treat yourself featured more in my vocabulary than 50% off at missguided...

So with black friday deals coming in and my birthday just passing, I thought I'd post a collective haul of birthday gifts and that 50% I couldn't resist missing. Picture me sat in the library on a Friday afternoon, which is dedication in itself, and I get an email pop through from missguided. So there I am, ordering clothes, in the library.

Topshop Malibu Bodysuit (no longer on the website, but a cheeky depop stalk could do the trick!)

All of these items are what I received for my birthday. The trainers are my new go to everyday as my Adidas Superstars are absolutely done in - I got these in the Asos sale for £45 so keep an eye out! I wanted the Nike leggings as a comfier alternative for during the day, as well as the jeans. It seems so strange wearing jeans without rips in the knees now as it's all I've got used to when they first came out! I kinda like my warm knees. I've also became obsessed with bodysuits, initially for nights out but this Malibu one looks so good tucked in jeans a checky shirt - despite the time of year! 


As a newbie to mom jeans and culotte pants, I wanted to take advantage of the 50% off to test the water - and I love both, a lot! The mom jeans style I particularly like around my waist, so with a normal pair of high waisted Topshop jeans my aim is to wear crop tops during the day with it but am still a little conscious of it showing that belly of mine, but mom jeans are baggy enough to hide it and it's amazing! Similarly with the culottes, that tummy is hid with that flowing style we all know and love! In my head I wanted the culottes for a more casual wear, however teamed with a slinky black bralet I feel is going to make a great night out outfit. I have my winter ball coming up and am thinking some heels, statement jewellry, bralet and fab makeup will dress them right up!

I'd love to show a much bigger black friday haul but my bank balance simply won't allow it, even though I want everything! We'll just have to wait and see after Christmas when my parents Santa can pay for all those fab things this gal can't afford quite yet. If you've made it this far, thanks very much and I hope to see your beautiful face again soon!

Jess X

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  2. The embroidered jeans are perfection!


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