It's a saturday morning. After a friday night out getting slightly tiddly to release the stress of a long week, you feel as if death has made an early appearance. Your head's banging, mouth is dry, and the only way to feel a tiny bit more like a functioning human is food. Enter The Butterfly Cabinet. Located in High Heaton, a suburb of Newcastle infamous for students, this independent cafe is the perfect indulgence of all day breakfasts, home made burgers, chunky chips, massive sandwich's and all for such good prices - ideal for a struggling student like myself who goes out too much with too little money!

It's such a quirky little place, all with vintage interior and mismatched items which I love. The homeliness of it doesn't make slouching in your baggiest clothes ready to expand your belly double its size seem so guilty. I just feel dem good vibes. If you go at a typical brunch sort of time you could be waiting in a queue - it is a small lil place with huge popularity so peak times can be manic! However when I went at this point there was only us and one other table in near closing at 5pm; ashamed to say that was the earliest me and my friends could get out of bed after a v eventful and messy night haha!

The food itself is bloody gorgeous. On the picture here I got the USA breakfast. I'm such a pancake fiend, any place I go that serves pancakes and they're straight on my plate, so a breakfast with pancakes, hashbrowns, sausages and bacon is my living dream! A mighty 4 pancakes I feel is extremely generous, and if like me you have no limits with the maple syrup, getting more was no problem! I paid £7.50 for this which is one of the more expensive meals on the whole menu to be fair. Additionally the staff are lovely, very down to earth, no pretension - they just know you're there for a good feed!

If you're in Newcastle and looking for some good food definitely give this a go! It's near Heaton Park as well which, on a nice day, is the perfect walk around to settle your stomach after a big meal. This is my kinda food down to a T so if you have any suggestions (anywhere in the world!) let me know in the comments! Also, what's your hangover cure?!

Jessica Jayne X

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  1. I think I'd love the vibe of that place and the food looks delicious, too!

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    1. Ooo definitely it's great :) fab I'll check out your blog now!x

  2. Wow you're making me hungry with this post! the food looks amazing,



  3. This looks like such a cute place! Thanks for sharing :)

    What about following each other? :)

    Caro x


  4. This looks so good.
    Good vibes, FOX
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